Like you, we believe that Tattooing and Tattoo art has become not only a fine art but a very personal hallmark in your life. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to create a studio that put your Tattoo, our Artists and its creation at the forefront. A lot of Tattoo studio's can be intimidating or run down and we wanted to curate an atmosphere that is at the same time; Clean, Open, selectively designed and high end. With over 15 years of Tattoo and industry experience, Artist Owner Gia Rose and Owner Angus Davidson decided to create White Oak Tattoo. 

Opening its doors in the early fall of 2017 in the heart of West Chester Pennsylvania, Whit Oak Tattoo joined the other over 100 small businesses West Chester has to offer. With its 4k sqft double store front studio, we are proudly home to 7 award winning national and International Resident Artists, and international Guest Artist's. 

We as a studio believe strongly in continuing to grow as Artists, and so we have an open Tattooing Environment to encourage skill sharing, Artistic learning and experiencing the Tattoo process as a studio. Every Client is encouraged to work individually with their Artist and allow their Artists to create custom work. We prefer to allow all clients to work with whomever best represents the style of each particular Tattoo, and it is not uncommon for Client's to collect Tattoo's for each of our Artist's or guest Artist's.